Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

Embrace the Living Coral trend in 2019 with an exciting selection of artworks!

Published 12 Dec 2018
by Marie

Searching For The Child In Us

How artists are continuing to pursue childhood through their artworks

Published 8 Nov 2016
by Karel Tan

Quotes that Reveal More About the Artists Themselves

What you say reveal a lot about you as a person. We have these artists reveal something about themselves and their art.

Published 30 Jul 2016
by Rachael Quek

Art is More than Just a Painting

When we talk about Art, the first thing that comes to mind is “paintings”, overshadowing other forms of art which we know as sculptures and s new media art which leverages on technology.

Published 28 Jul 2016
by Rachael Quek

5 Must Visit Heritage Spots in Central Singapore

Beyond the dazzling shopping malls and greeneries you see in Singapore are hidden gems and sites, especially when it comes to the central area of Singapore, beckoning tourists to explore and discover. After all, have you ever walked past these buildings a

Published 20 Jul 2016
by Rachael Quek