Belinda Low
Biography I acquaint myself to a solitary bloom standing amidst the water in the surge for the need to survive. I find myself at times choking with emotion at what I see and feel around me. Just as a writer pen his thoughts onto paper, I placed mine with every stroke my feelings and thoughts onto canvas. I think, I feel therefore I am who I am. Nature moves me and speaks to me through my mind, my heart and my soul. I think of nothing except paint the minute I wake up and when I lie down. Without it, I die… A small inner voice said to me a few years ago -“To start painting and share with the world what you have been blessed with”. From thereon, there was no stopping. I felt I was borne to do this and to fulfill whatever purpose I was meant to do the later half of my life. Although the journey seems lonely at times , yet at the same time, it's beautiful and fulfilling in the wild. My wish and philosophy - To live out the rest of my life painting and at various parts of the world and as far as I can go...I am racing against Time chasing my dreams, passions, my vision and purpose intended and meant for me as soon as I discovered it... My style - Post impressionistic, expressionistic and sometimes veering toward realism. My forte lies in (but not limited to) portraiture, land and seascapes using acrylic as the main medium. I paint all kinds of subjects mainly those with forms of movement and expressions especially in seascapes and portraiture. I love to use bold colours and strong brushstrokes showing intense emotions exuding and transcending these feelings to the viewer. I want to make a contribution by sharing with society as best I can and in whatever opportunities that lie ahead. I feel I have achieved and fulfilled that purpose when a piece of myself goes to someone's home in that painting. The journey continues and moves toward what seems exciting times...

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